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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 9

Back on the wining track after a solid week 8 of picks, including one of my two "Upset Specials," the Kansas City Chiefs thrilling overtime victory over the fumbling, stumbling, bumbling San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football. Hopefully, the Pittsburgh Steelers will replicate the Chargers in their Sunday Night Football match-up with our Baltimore Ravens, but that game's "pick & pan" will have to wait until Sunday afternoon.

Here we go with this weekend's selections:

Bills over Jets: I just have not seen enough from Mark Sanchez and the rest of New York to make me think they can go into Buffalo and beat a team that is clicking on all cylinders on both sides of the ball.

Texans over Browns: Cleveland continues to cement their rightful place at the bottom of the AFC North while Houston does the same at the top of the AFC South.

Cowboys over Seahawks: I find it hard to think that even Tony Romo can figure out a new way to blow a game in the final moments against a tough, yet easily beatable Seattle team.

Titans over Bengals: Cincinnati has proved they can win on the road and Tennessee has proved they can lose at home. With this logic, I have to go against the obvious so that's why I'm picking the Titans to do to the Bengals what they did to the Ravens in week 2. Makes sense to me.

Colts over Falcons: Yes, you read that right, it is not a typo. Not only is this my first of two "Upset Special Picks of the Week," but it is a "going way out on a limb" type of selection. Indianapolis has to win at some point (don't they?) and against a smug Atlanta team that seems to have found their stride, this could be the perfect storm. I probably will be wrong on this but if I am right, I'll look like a genius!

Chiefs over Dolphins: If my prior pick comes in, Miami will be alone in the lead in the "Suck For Luck" sweepstakes, and after their MNF OT win, Kansas City is in 1st place in the AFC West and hoping to repeat as division champs.

Saints over Buccaneers: It's payback time for New Orleans and revenge is a dish best served cold. What? Anyway, Drew Brees has the ability to carry the team and he will, although he will have a lot of help in the noisy dome as Tampa Bay cannot match the offensive fireworks this time.

49ers over Redskins: I was going to make this one of my "Upset Specials" but with the Washington offense so bad and the San Francisco defense so good, how would the Redskins score enough points to win? Meanwhile, the 49ers offense is not that bad and seems pretty well balanced enough to win on the road.

Raiders over Broncos: The glow of the Tim Tebow honeymoon is beginning to wear off as Denver is slipping further away into the basement of the AFC West. At the same time, Oakland is looking every bit of the contender in a division still up for grabs with new QB Carson Palmer throwing to his former Bengals teammate T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Rams over Cardinals: It takes a strong spine to not only pick St. Louis to win,but on the road no less. The rams looked great shutting down the Saints last week and while Arizona put up 27 on the Ravens, it was more of an aberration than reality.  like the "new-look" Rams as my 2nd "Upset Special Pick of the Week."

Patriots over Giants: While I would greatly appreciate it if New York would upset New England and help the Ravens playoff chances, I see Tom Brady not letting his team lose two games in a row and also see the look of dejection on Eli Manning's face being more the expectation in this game than the uncomfortable smile he always seems to have.

Packers over Chargers: San Diego's Philip Rivers will continue to whine and scowl on the sidelines, perhaps mouthing the words, "worst game ever" in this game instead of last week's. Green bay just has too much firepower but if the Chargers were playing better, this would be the perfect time to end the Packers perfect season. They're not and it's not.

Eagles over Bears (Monday Night Football): Philadelphia is beginning to turn around what appeared to be a nightmarish season while every time Chicago QB Jay Cutler drops back, Bears fans expect to see a nightmare happen. The wealth of talent on Philly at home in prime time cannot lose such an important game regardless of how good and how rich the Bears should be making RB Matt Forte, who is having a monster season and deserves to get paid NOW!

Last Week:  9-4

Season Record:  76-40