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Ravens' Pollard Speaks On Fines For Big Hits

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The Baltimore Ravens signed free agent strong safety Bernard Pollard this past off season, after the Houston Texans decided to cut him loose for financial reasons. Pollard had a reputation as one of the hardest hitters in the league and he seemed to "play like a Raven" in Baltimore's eyes, so that made him a perfect fit for this defense. The Ravens picked him up and while he originally shared time with Tom Zbikowski before Zbi got concussed, he now is the full time starter and has earned his position due to his violent style of play.

Unfortunately, tht same style had drawn the attention and wrath of the league's referees, who have thrown penalty flags in Pollard's direction, sometimes unnecessarily, as proved in replays that show the hits were hard, yet his technique was textbook perfect and undeserving of a penalty, much less the accompanying league fine.

Check out his interview posted on Sports Radio Interviews, where he speaks about those hits, the Ravens struggles against lesser opponents and how the crackdown on violence is ruining the game.