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Will Referees Let Ravens, Steelers Play?

"Hey Ref, Let Them Play!"
"Hey Ref, Let Them Play!"

As it has been written and said everywhere, when the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers get together on the same gridiron, it's probably the most physical game of the year in the NFL. Each game is a battle and both teams go all out to thrown their bodies around the field and lay out the opposition any chance they get. However, with the league trying to minimize the violence in such a violent game, will the NFL referees allow these two teams to go at it like a back alley street brawl or will they step in, thrown their yellow bean bag hankies and continually interrupt the flow of the game?

While no one wants to see a player get seriously injured, fans on both sides have seen penalties called all too often on their team that upon further review, was a clean, solid, yet vicious hit, undeserving of a flag, much less a fine. This could very well end up giving a team an "artificial" advantage at such an inopportune time that could change the outcome of the game.

While it seems to be a loser's excuse to blame the game on the referee's calls, a game played the way the Ravens and Steelers are so well-known for could have the men in zebra stripes warming up their throwing arms ready to get noticed on prime time TV under the watchful eyes of their bosses in NFL offices. Let's hope they are not pre-warned to keep this game under control and let the players do what they do best, which is just "let them play!"