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Prime Time Challenge

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Over the years the Ravens have struggled in the spotlight.  Going back to the days of Brian Billick this team has always struggled in prime time on a national stage. I remember a certain prime time game in which the team exploded and Bart Scott proceeded to throw a referees flag across the field! This year the Ravens have split in their prime time performances. They beat the Jets but the offense did not look good doing it. Then there was the loss in Jacksonville, where the offense may as well have stayed home.

On the other hand you have the Pittsburgh Steelers who always seem to rise to the occasion. A team that seemingly covets the spotlight and knows how to win when all the cards are down. Pittsburgh has shown Baltimore who's boss on the national stage time and time again over the past few years. Baltimore, a team desperate for a statement win verses their bitter rival, handily dismantled the Steelers in week one. Will this be the week that Baltimore overcomes their stage fright and hands Pittsburgh a prime time version of the butt whipping they gave them week one? Or will this be another classic meltdown by the purple and black on the national stage? Either way this game will go a long way in determining who reigns supreme in this years AFC North.

It is often said that a team takes on the personality of it's coach. In that case I would think our struggles on national television would have gone to the announcers booth with Brian Billick. Some things just don't change I guess as this team still puts out some of it's most horrific performances when thrust into the spotlight.

The Ravens will have to find a way to gain some rhythm early this Sunday in Pittsburgh. In their previous road losses Baltimore has looked inept and lost early on offense. If they can keep the crowd subdued early perhaps they can sneak out of Pittsburgh with a win and regain the lead in the division.