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Art Modell Overlooked For Hall Of Fame Again

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Former Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell was overlooked by voters for the Pro Football Hall of Fame once again. In fact, Modell was not even one of the 26 semi-finalists for the class of 2012 that will be narrowed down through voting to 15 finalists and the Class of 2012 will be announced just before Super Bowl XLVI on Saturday, February 4, 2012.

Modell had been a semi-finalist in past years, but didn't even get that far this season. The fact that the guy was one of the major people involved in the modern evolution of the game, including helping develop Monday Night Football was apparently overlooked due to the fact that the Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio, not too far from Cleveland.

Between the locals and sportswriters who have a personal vendetta against Modell for moving the team, it doesn't appear that the rest of the voters have either enough of a voice or enough of a spine to vote down the revenge-minded yet ignorant miscreants. With other owners deservedly in the Hall, Modell equally if not more so, also has earned the right to be inducted. That honor is overdue and it will be a shame if that honor is awarded posthumously when there is still a chance to right this terrible wrong.