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Containing Cribbs

One of the biggest challenges for the Baltimore Ravens this weekend will be containing Cleveland Browns' punt and kick-off return man Joshua Cribbs. Cribbs is one of the best in the league as a returner and can change a teams field position at any time. The Ravens have struggled on special teams this year so this will be one of the biggest match ups to watch for.

At six foot one and 215 pounds Cribbs is not an easy runner to bring down. He uses his speed and size to run over opposing defenders. Once Josh Cribbs gets a going he is very hard to stop. In his seventh season out of Kent state Joshua has lost a bit of his speed but he is still as dangerous as ever and can make a game breaking play at any time.

Cribbs does a little of everything for the Browns. Not only does he return kick-offs and punts but he also serves as a gunner when his team is kicking. Cleveland Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur likes to use Cribbs all over tha place on offense too. Usually a wide out, Cribbs will line up at tailback or in the slot as well. Versatility is a must as a special teams star hoping to make an impact on offense as well.

Baltimore will need to make sure they find a way to corral this speedy threat in order to control  field position through out the game. We have seen how special teams can take the game rite out of the offense and defenses hands in Seattle when David Reed had the worst game of his life. It will be Reeds job as much as any ones to keep Cribbs in his cross hairs.