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Sunday NFL Games 'Open Thread'

With the Baltimore Ravens off today after their 16-6 great win over the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving night, fans can sit back, enjoy the rest of the league's games and figure out which team to root for that will help the Ravens standings in the playoff race as well as the AFC North. So join Baltimore Beatdown in this 'Open Thread' to post your comments while watching this afternoon's games.

While Baltimore will continue to lead the AFC North regardless of what the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals, we will still root for the Cleveland Browns to upset the Bengals, as well as the Kansas City Chiefs to do the same on prime time when they host the Steelers on Sunday Night Football.

Around the rest of the AFC, plan on rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles, lead by QB Vince Young replacing the injured Michael Vick, to upset the visiting New England Patriots. The Houston Texans travel to play the Jacksonville Jaguars and while the Jags are not a good team this season, the Texans have lost their starting QB and hey, Jax beat the Ravens, so anything can happen, right?