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Ravens Resurface In NFL Power Rankings

Discussing the NFL Power Rankings begins with the undefeated Green Bay Packers and then everyone else. After the Baltimore Ravens beat another good football team in the Cincinnati Bengals in week 11, they moved back up towards the top, and should stay there unless of course, they falter once again on the road against another weak team 

SB Nation posted their NFL Power Rankings headed into the week 12 games and after the Ravens showed the San Francisco 49ers who was the better team on both sides of the ball in their Thanksgiving night 16-6 win, expect them to move up one more slot. The 49ers were ranked just ahead of the Ravens at #2 and Baltimore was put at #3,...for now.

The rest of the top ten of their rankings include the New Orleans Saints (#4) and the Houston Texans (#5), although I just can't see the Texans remaining that high with the loss of QB Matt Schaub. Teams ranked from 6-10 in order were the Pittsburgh Steelers (#6), New England Patriots (#7), Chicago Bears (#8), Detroit Lions (#9), and the fast-rising Dallas Cowboys (#10). Of this group, teams such as the Lions and Bears should drop either due to performance or QB injuries as well.

Regardless, our Ravens are back near the top where they deserve to be and the prospects of a Baltimore-Green Bay Super Bowl would look great to Ravens fans, as well as the 'Pack's too!