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Happy 50th Anniversary, Jack & Jackie Harbaugh

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Last night, the two sons of Jack and Jackie Harbaugh faced each other on the football field, speaking briefly before the game and hugging each other after John Harbaugh's Baltimore Ravens defeated Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers 16-6. Today, the two sons join with family, friends and fans in congratulating their parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. It's a fitting follow-up to watching brothers face each other for the first time as head coaches in NFL history.

Their parents must have felt had their chests bursting with pride, and while they were at the stadium to meet their boys and have a family photo taken, they left Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium prior to kickoff to watch the game in private out of the camera lens and leaving the limelight to their sons.

The class of the two coaches is an obvious compliment to parents who have raised their children in an environment of caring and love, but seeing the Ravens John on a weekly basis, fans have seen the calming effect and family personality he has instilled in this team and it appears the exact same thing has turned what was an average San Francisco team into an apparent division champion and Super Bowl contender by his brother Jim.

Congratulations to Jack & Jackie Harbaugh, who must be so proud of their sons, John and Jim, with thanks form both the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers for raising your boys to be such great leaders and role models for every family.