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If You Are Going To Ravens-49ers Game...

...make sure you are in your seats by the time the players are introduced onto the field. A 360 degree HD image called Ravens "FanCam" and sponsored by Bud Light, will be taken from the field, capturing everything inside of M&T Bank Stadium in such incredible detail, that fans will be able to "step inside" the image and look around as if they were standing on the field and actually be able to zoom in and focus on themselves in the stands.

According to the story on, the resolution of the 10-billion pixels is so high that Ravens fans can zoom in to find themselves or friends in their seats, "tag" themselves in the photos and share the view on Facebook or through email.

There will be other options for things to do with the image, such as creating the perfect holiday gift as well as a contest to enter within the FanCam.