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Ravens: It Was Over When...

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The Baltimore Ravens continue to play games that come down to the final moments. From a fan's point of view, it would be nice once in a while for the games to be put away earlier in the game and watch the team coast to victory. For those reasons, you could almost call the team the "Cardiac Kids" even though many of these players are veterans and not that young by football standards.

However, as long as the Ravens have more points on the scoreboard when the game-clock hits zero, fans will be happy. Once again, in the Ravens 31-24 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday, it wasn't over until Bengals QB Andy Dalton's fourth and goal pass fell harmlessly to the ground. First and goal on the Ravens seven yard line and it looked like the game was heading towards overtime.

An incomplete pass, followed by an intentional grounding penalty that to pressure by Terrell Suggs, moved Cincy back to th 17-yard line. Another incomplete pass set up the Bengals final offensive play. Under pressure from rookie Pernell McPhee, "It was over when" Dalton's pass fluttered to the ground, ending any magical comeback hopes and the only thing left was for Ravens QB Joe Flacco to take a knee to end the game.