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Ray Lewis Will Try To Play Today

Despite all the news that Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis will miss his first game in almost four years, it is now being reported, according to a story in the National Football Post, that he will try to suit up and play when his team hosts the Cincinnati Bengals this afternoon. Lewis has the same injury that basically ended fellow 1996 NFL Draft pick, Jonathan Ogden's career and sidelined current teammate, guard Ben Grubbs until last week. It was also the injury that ended the Hall of Fame career of legendary Pittsburgh Steelers middle linebacker Jack Lambert.

Lewis has started 57 straight games for the Ravens, not bad for one of the older players in the league and one who many have repeatedly said was "losing a step," yet defying odds by playing at such a high level of play all throughout his illustrious and certain Hall of Fame career once his playing days are over.

However, this is not how Ray planned to hang up his cleats and something should tell you that he will make that decision on his own terms and not let an injury decide when his time is up. If he plays today, that would be just another example what an amazing player he is and his commitment to get out onto the gridiron where he can contribute to another Ravens victory, especially in a game so critical to the team's current playoff hopes.