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Ed Reed vs. Troy Polamalu Revisited

How many times have fans of the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers debated the merits of All-Pro safeties Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu? Perhaps the title of the article should include "regurgitated" as opposed to "revisited." Time and time again, the fans, experts, analysts, media and even the players and coaches have entered the discussion to voice their own personal opinions.

Two things are for sure and most likely in agreement. Both players are without a doubt the best at their respective positions in the entire NFL, Reed at free safety and Polamalu at strong safety. The other thing is that neither  team nor their fans would likely trade their player for the other.

An interesting story on the website,, details how the two players have changed NFL defenses, and forced offenses to find these two guys when they come to the line of scrimmage before snapping the ball. Their ability to make plays, disrupt offenses and change the game's outcome on just one play is unmatched by any other individual player in the league. The story's author, Chris Brown, runs the website, Smart Football, which breaks down the game through analysis and strategy.