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Ravens-Seahawks: "It Was Over When..."

As noted in yesterday's story, titled, Despite Poor Performance, Ravens Had Chance To Win At End, the game was still in doubt when Seattle got the ball and had to start at their own ten yard line, leading only 22-17 with almost six minutes on the game-clock. Facing a first and twenty, had Baltimore held Seattle to a three-and-out, they would have gotten the ball back in solid field position with more than enough time to drive down the field for the game-winning score as they had in their previous two late comeback wins

However, that's all in the past as we all know that Seattle never gave the Ravens offense the chance, moving the ball effectively and running the clock out as Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson kept giving the ball to RB Marshawn Lynch, who gashed the Ravens defense for 109 yards on the day, including his most important 32 yards on seven carries in that game-ending drive. No offense to Lynch, the most important play of that drive, much less the game, was Jackson's 24 yard pass to WR Golden Tate that moved the ball from the Seahawks 25-yard line to almost midfield that essentially ended any hopes of a Ravens miracle repeat.

That one single play was the final dagger into the hearts of the Ravens and their fans, who held out hope that if their defense, which had been faced with stopping the Seahawks when they had great field position all day due to turnovers and penalties by the Ravens, could hold one last time to give the ball back to the offense.

Had the Ravens defense held and the offense gotten the ball back and then drove down the field for winning touchdown, all would have been forgiven and everyone from the team, fans and national media, would be saluting the Ravens as the AFC North leaders, the best in the AFC and a possible threat to the undefeated defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers.

Alas, none of that is currently being discussed, as the vaunted Ravens defense could not do their job just one more time when it counted most. QB Joe Flacco and his offensive mates never got the chance and Tarvaris Jackson needed to kneel down twice to end the misery of what was another frustrating road loss off of a big win in a game that the Ravens were obviously expected to roll to victory in.

If you want to look at the plays throughout the game that doomed this team to failure, or even start with a question about their attitude coming into the game, fine, so be it. However, if you want to look at one play when the team still had a chance at the end of the game, then the back-breaking pass from Jackson to Tate was the "It was over when..." point of the game.