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One Bright Spot.

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If there was a silver lining to Sundays debacle in Seattle it was the play of Baltimore Ravens tight end Ed Dickson. Much was expected of Dickson heading into the season with the release of Todd Heap but his chemistry with Joe Flacco seemed to be just a bit off after week one. Dickson and back up Dennis Pitta have played very well for Baltimore Thus far and figure to be important parts of the offense as the season moves on.

Ed Dickson had 10 receptions for 79 yards and two touchdowns against the Seahawks and seemed to be the only Raven who was able to consistently get open. Early in the season when Dickson was able to get separation Joe would either not look his way or over throw the tight end as he streaked down the field. I remember seeing Joe hit Ed on seem passes early in the year that looked to be the future of the Ravens offense. Those type of passes disappeared until this week in Seattle.  If Joe and Ed are finally on the same page that will do wonders for a Ravens offense that is in desperate need for a big red zone target.

You would think that Dickson's progress would be bad news for back up tight end Dennis Pitta but the the Ravens must get the two of them on the field as much as possible in order to create match up problems for opposing teams. Outside of Anquan Boldin the Ravens have very little NFL experience in the receiver department. These two dynamic tight ends could be just what the doctor ordered.

Pitta, a second year tight end out of BYU, would easily be a starter on other NFL teams but because of Dickson's speed and athleticism he has been delegated to a back up role. It has been said that Dennis has the second best hands on the team behind Anquan Boldin but after the past two weeks we may have to move him up to number one as Boldin has had at least two drops in the past two weeks. Maybe Pitta deserves a start on occasion because the guy does catch everything that comes his way.

This is one of the better problems that the Ravens have though. Two tight ends worthy of playing on Sundays. I hope the coaches can keep finding ways to use them to their full potential. It is hard to game plan for a team and use all of you weapons every Sunday but that is why people like Cam Cameron get paid the big bucks! With Flacco and Dickson seemingly coming together mid season and Joe's natural chemistry with Pitta it can only mean good things for the struggling Ravens offense.