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What Seahawks Fans Are Saying About Ravens

Yahoo! Sports NFL site lets their followers contribute to the discussion around the NFL by allowing the to voice their opinions online. A couple of fans of the Seattle Seahawks posted their thoughts on the upcoming game with the Baltimore Ravens. Their outlook was not too positive, that is, if you are a Seahawks fan. They have had a tough season and it shows, both on the field as well as on paper.

The contributors point out the statistical differences, such as the highly ranked Ravens defense up against the lowly ranked Seahawks offense. The specifically mention linebacker Ray Lewis, who should get the opportunity to "entertain" Seattle fans, known around the league as the "12th Man," live in their stadium for what will probably be the last time in his illustrious and certain Hall of Fame career.

Check out their two stories below:

Seattle Seahawks Vs. Baltimore Ravens Game Preview: A Fan's Outlook

Preview of Seahawks Versus Ravens Game: A Fan's Take