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Fantasy Football 'Sleeper Of The Week'

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This week's fantasy football 'Sleeper of the Week' may be a bit of a reach, but we're going to keep thinking positive thoughts and hope they come to fruition on Sunday after when the Baltimore Ravens travel to the northwest part of the country to face the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks might have one of the worst records in the league, but the Ravens and their fans know what happens when a good team overlooks a bad one in the NFL.

WR Lee Evans has not played in a game since the first week of the 2011 regular season. His injured foot has been in a boot and he hadn't practiced with the team for over six weeks - until this week. Evans joined his teammates on the practice field for the first time Wednesday and while his status for the game won't be decided until later today and possibly not until game time, it's an encouraging sign for both Evans and the team.

If Lee is able to suit up and get reps in three wide receiver sets alongside of Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith, the Ravens passing game will create match-up nightmares, and that's not even mentioning the team's two tight ends and RB Ray Rice out of the backfield. Expect the Seahawks better defensive backs to cover Boldin and Smith, with their nickel back on Evans.

That should free up Evans to possibly get targeted by QB Joe Flacco for a couple of reasons. First and possibly most important, getting Evans back in the mix and re-connected with Flacco, with whom he seemed to have an instant connection back in Training Camp and the pre-season. Second, he should be able to get open and be in position to get the ball and into the feel of the game, including testing his foot with route running, planting and cutting as well as actual physical contact.

If so, there is a decent chance that Flacco-to-Evans could be a nice little secret as the fantasy football 'Sleeper of the Week.'

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