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Ravens Vs. Seahawks: Five Key Defensive Match-Ups

1.) Cary Williams vs. Sidney Rice.

Cary has done a nice job this season of covering bigger receivers. There have been  more passes defended this year than in the previous two. This is a direct result of Williams getting more playing time. Rice is a big, talented receiver and is capable of changing the game at any time. It will be up to Williams to keep him in check. Advantage: Rice.

2.) Ravens pass rush vs. Seattle's offensive line.

The Ravens have been bringing the heat all year and making other teams pay for throwing the ball.. Up until last week that is. The pass rush against the Steelers was all but nonexistent. That will need to change this week against the Seahawks if Baltimore wants to avoid another "trap game". Advantage: Ravens

3.) Ray Lewis vs. Marshawn Lynch.

Ray Lewis at 36 years old may not be as fast as Ray Lewis at 26 but don't tell him that. Lewis is still one of the most feared run stoppers in the game and Lynch will have to keep one eye his direction. Lynch has done well in Seattle, However he is still not putting up the numbers they need from him in order to win. Advantage: Lewis

4.) Tarvaris Jackson vs. Ed Reed

Jackson has some serious weapons in Seattle, from Golden Tate to Mike Williams to Sidney Rice. In order to win this game they will most likely have to put the ball in the air. This is where Ed Reed comes in. Reed, the perfect compliment to the Ravens "stop the run first defense", lives on quarterbacks being forced into bad situations after not being able to run the ball. Advantage: Reeeeeed!

5. Zach Miller vs. Bernard Pollard

It is definitely a stretch to say that Pollard will be matched up on miller all evening. I'm sure the Ravens will use a mixture of corners, linebackers and safeties on him but I think Pollard adds a very physical dimension to our secondary, perfect for lighting up big tight ends coming over the middle. Zach Miller is a very good all around tight end may be able to cause some match up problems for Baltimore. Only time will tell! Advantage: Even