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NFL Games: 'Open Thread'

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With the Baltimore Ravens taking it easy and getting healthy for the rest of their schedule while on their Bye week today, there are a lot of games of interest to the fans being played today. While you sit on your sofa chugging a few cold beverages of your choices with crushed potato chips falling down your chest and settling on your bloated bellies, stick with Baltimore Beatdown to post your comments and thoughts as the 1pm games get underway.

The Ravens next opponent, the Houston Texans host the Oakland Raiders, as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Tennessee Titans as two of the more pertinent 1pm games to Baltimore fans. The Ravens previous victims, the New York Jets, are facing a possible third loss in a row as they travel to face the New England Patriots as one of the 4pm later games.

So join other Ravens fans as we become fans of the Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans for at least this week, and let us know your opinions on what is happening while the Ravens continue to sit atop the AFC North and prepare to claim the division title in 2011.