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Week 5 NFL Odds & Ends

We get these weekly updated odds to win the Super Bowl from, a gaming site headquartered "across the pond." In addition to the normal odds to win Super Bowl 46 in February, they also list a ton of what are called "proposition bets," which give specific options for many individual performances for the specific upcoming player against their opponent.

The Baltimore Ravens moved up to the fourth choice to win SB46 at odds of 9-1, behind the New Orleans Saints (17-2), the New England Patriots (9-2) and the sole favorite Green Bay Packers (15-4). The Ravens were at 16-1 odds in the pre-season, moved to 12-1 as recently as last week, but obviously the dominating defensive performance last week in their 34-17 beatdown of the New York Jets lowered their odds even more.

The same can't be said about those Jets, or even the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles. Both the Jets and Eagles fell from 14-1 odds down to 20-1 and those poor, hurting Steelers plummeted from last week's 13-1 odds all the way down to join the other two teams at 20-1 after all their losses last week. The Ravens next opponent, the Houston Texans jumped to 11-1 based on their win over the aforementioned Steelers. 

(Click on the 'Jump' to read some of the proposition bets on Bodog mentioned above)

Week 5 Specials - Which team will be the last to win a game this season?

St. Louis Rams                          2/3

Miami Dolphins                          11/4     

Indianapolis Colts                       3/1       

Minnesota Vikings                     5/1       


Week 5 Specials - Will Green Bay and Detroit Remain undefeated until they meet in Week 12?      

Both Teams Undefeated 40/1     

Only Green Bay Undefeated        5/1       

Only Detroit Undefeated              9/1       

Both Teams Defeated                 1/5       


Week 5 Specials - Will the Philadelphia Eagles blow a 4th Quarter lead against the Buffalo Bills?  

Yes                  +325    

No                    -450    


Week 5 Specials - How many points will the Philadelphia Eagles score in the 4th Quarter against the Buffalo Bills?           

Over/Under                    7


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - How many carries will LeSean McCoy have Week 5.

Over/Under                    15.5


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - If the Eagles do not make the playoffs will Andy Reid be their coach for Game 1 of the 2012 Season?

Yes                  +150

No                     -200


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - Will Calvin Johnson score 2 or more TD's Week 5?

Yes                  +200

No                     -300


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - Will Wes Welker break Jerry Rice's Single Season Receiving Yard record of 1848 Yards?

Yes                  Even

No                     -140


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - Will Wes Welker break Marvin Harrison's single Season Reception record of 143 Receptions?

Yes                  2/1

No                    1/3


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - How many Rushing Yards will the Jets have in Week 5?

Over/Under                    105.5


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - How many Passing Attempts will Mark Sanchez have Week 5?

Over/Under                    36.5


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - Mark Sanchez Completion % Week 5?

Over/Under                    57.5 %


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - Will Aaron Rodgers break Peyton Manning's Single Season Passer Rating record of 121.1?

Yes                  +300

No                     -500


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - Who will record more passing Yards Week 5?

Donovan McNabb (MIN) QB        +35.5

Kevin Kolb (ARI) QB                    -35.5


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - Who will record more TD Passes Week 5?

Donovan McNabb (MIN) QB        +185

Kevin Kolb (ARI) QB                    -225


WEEK 5 SPECIALS - Who will record more Interceptions Week 5?

Donovan McNabb (MIN) QB        -110

Kevin Kolb (ARI) QB                   -110