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Ravens Defense Bringing Back 2000 Memories

In a story from CBS Baltimore, they are not stepping away from mentioning that the 2011 version of the Baltimore Ravens defense is beginning to remind them of the 2000 Super Bowl winning defense, one that many feel deserve placement at or certainly near the top as one of the best defenses of all-time. Furthermore, the article wants us to also understand that as good as they are, they should actually get a lot better once their injured players recover and get back on the field, which is scary to think about, at least for the other teams on the Ravens schedule.

As the story says,

"In only four games, Baltimore has forced 11 fumbles, picked off six passes and recorded 11 sacks. The defense has allowed only four touchdowns, none in the fourth quarter."

The Ravens defense in the 2000 season finished with 23 interceptions, 35 sacks and plus-23 turnover ratio and only allowed as total of 18 touchdowns. They also had four shutouts and even went five games without scoring an offensive TD, still wining two of them on the back of their record-setting defense.

Whether or not the 2011 version will compare to the 2000 version, much less the impressive 2006 version, remains to be seen, as the season is just a quarter finished. However, if you want to ask the other 31 teams if they want to face this year's defense, the answer will probably be the same as it was in 2000 and 2006.