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Jaguars To Get Ravens & AFC North X3

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The Baltimore Ravens are on their Bye week and won't get back on the field for almost two more weeks when they host the Houston Texas in week six. Meanwhile, the AFC South has the unlucky task of facing the AFC North this season and the Jacksonville Jaguars will feel the full brunt of the division over the next three weeks. In order, they play the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers the following week and finish up with the Ravens in Jacksonville on Monday Night Football on October 24th.


On top of that, the Jags are 0-6 in prime time as of late which doesn't bode well in facing the ferocious Ravens defense with a rookie QB, according to a story in The Florida Times-Union's However, it may be not too far of a reach to question who will be the quarterback under center when that game comes up, as the Bengals and Steelers ahead of the Ravens on the Jaguars schedule currently rank as the top three defensive teams in the NFL as far as yardage allowed.


It also certainly doesn't help that Jacksonville is currently the lowest scoring team in the NFL after four games, with a grand total of 39 points on the board. The Ravens have averaged 35 points a game in their three 2011 wins and are averaging 29 overall.