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Former Ravens McGahee Not A Fan Of Coach Harbaugh

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Now that former Baltimore Ravens RB Willis McGahee is carrying the ball for the Denver Bronco, he doesn't hesitate to admit he was not a fan of his former head coach John Harbaugh. A story in the Denver Post online edition makes note that after rushing fr well over 1,000 yards in 2007, McGahee's touches and yardage dropped significantly once Harbaugh took over the coaching reins in 2008.

McGahee was more of a third-down or goal-line back behind starter Ray Rice and barely got a sniff of the field as Rice became a star at Willis' expense. Once the 2010 season ended, it became a foregone conclusion that the Ravens had no intention of retaining the high-priced running back they traded the Buffalo Bills for in 2006.

McGahee signed a free agent contract to be the back-up running back behind starter Knowshon Moreno, but injuries have put him into a starting role and he already has two 100-yard games after not having one his last two seasons in Baltimore. Interesting is that while McGahee acknowledged that he and Coach Harbaugh did not see eye-to-eye, the lack of wear-and-tear on his body allowed him to extend his playing career and ready to break out once again, this time with the Broncos in Denver.