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Flacco Joins Sanchez Among Week's Least Valuable Players

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According to Yahoo! Sports, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco and New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez were among their five least valuable players for week four in the 2011 NFL season. The story describes the process of trying to figure out which of the two QB's in Sunday Night Football's contest won 34-17 by the Ravens were less valuable to their team and therefore deserving of the dishonor. Depending on how you look at it, Flacco was not that valuable to the Ravens victory but then again, Sanchez was very valuable to the Ravens victory.

In the end, the writer of the story felt the pair "deserved" to go on the list as a single entry. They joined RB Ronnie Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles, who inexplicably tried to throw the ball when stacked up at the line of scrimmage on a failed goal line rushing attempt. Also on the list was Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, whom the article credits for leading two last minute victories in consecutive weeks, but for the other team.

The Carolina Panthers run defense was also a single entry for allowing Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte to gain over 200 yards against the after he only gained two yards the week before against the Green Bay Packers. Finally, the two offensive tackles of the Pittsburgh Steelers were joined together with the dishonor on the list for their combined lack of pass protection that got QB Ben Roethlisberger sacked five times and now could possibly miss next week's game against the Tennessee Titans.

Congrats (?) to all, I guess (not).