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Shotgun Formation Saves Our Lives: Ravens Win 30-27

Even though this game shouldn't have been close, it was. And it looked like we were looking ahead to next week during the first half trailing 24-6. But with a little bit of hope, plays out of the Shotgun formation, and honestly a bit of luck, the Baltimore Ravens narrowly pulled out the win over the Arizona Cardinals, with Billy Cundiff putting the nail in the coffin to put the Ravens ahead 30-27 with no time left.

Obviously the Ravens have some things to clean up before next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but for now enjoy this exciting win. This week's gameball has to go to Anquan Boldin, for putting his team in position to win by making a lot of crucial catches and beating his former team in the process. I look forward to seeing you all next week as we take on the Steelers.

GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!