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Matt Birk Is No Dummy

Baltimore Ravens veteran center Matt Birk is thought to be one of the smarter men in the NFL, having graduated from Harvard and playing what many think is the toughest position on the football field. The center has to not only snap the ball cleanly to the quarterback on every single play, but also needs to call out blocking assignments right beforehand.

Together with his offensive line-mates, Birk is entrusted with the care of the ravens franchise QB as well as opening holes for RB Ray Rice to burst through. The best linemen are highly paid, but prefer to reside in anonymity, as whenever their names are mentioned during a game, it's usually because of a penalty of missed block that cause a negative play.

Birk sat down with 105.7 The Fan in this story posted on Sports Radio Interviews to discuss the Ravens loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football, the play of his offensive line so far in 2011 and the reality of the comments made after the game by the defense's Terrell Suggs.