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Fantasy Football 'Sleeper of the Week'

After watching the Baltimore Ravens abysmal offensive performance last week (which Ravens fans are being implored to "move on" from), it's tough to find any player that could be classified as a fantasy football "Sleeper of the Week." In fact, based on that game, perhaps ANY Ravens offensive player could be considered a "sleeper" right about now. However, that should change this Sunday in a big way for a couple of reasons. 

The Ravens are playing at home, where they have been perfect in three games so far in 2011 and where they have averaged almost 33 points a game in 2011. In addition, the Arizona Cardinals are one of the worst teams in the league, or at least one of the worst that are still not winless in 2011 (Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis Rams).

Expect a huge bounce back game for Baltimore and an offensive showing that should satisfy the hometown faithful, with huge games from QB Joe Flacco and RB Ray Rice. Unfortunately, neither of those two guys could be considered fantasy football "sleepers," even with THAT performance. However, the one guy or perhaps the one position in the Ravens scheme, that could go off big on Sunday are the two second-year tight ends, Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta.

Despite the early season success of both guys, they have been surprisingly invisible the past two games, as the Ravens offense has avoided the middle of the field as if it contained quicksand. Flacco should be able to spread the field with his receivers and get favorable match-ups with Dickson and Pitta, both who are match-up nightmares, too fast for linebackers to stick with and too big for defensive backs to man-up on.

Look for either or even both players to have big contributions to the offense, which needs to make a statement, not only for the benefit of the fans but for individual and team confidence reasons as well. Therefore, your Baltimore Ravens' fantasy football "Sleepers of the Week," I give you Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta.

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