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Ed Reed Inaugural Flag Football Tournament

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Ed Reed's Inaugural Flag Football Tournament

Date of Event: 10/29/2011
Time of Event: 10am - 3pm
Location: Franklin High School in Reisterstown, MD

Join Ed Reed and other Raven's players at Ed's Inaugural Flag Football Tournament at Franklin High School in Reisterstown, MD on Saturday Oct. 29th from 9:00am - 3:00pm. Listen to music, grill out with Ed Reed's new line of chicken sausage, meet the players and win the grand prize! Ed will also be refereeing the championship game. This event is open to adults ages 18+. There will be 16 teams of 12 players per team, so get together with colleagues and friends to hold your team's spot. Only $1,000.00 to enter for team of 12= $83/person; only 16 teams will be allowed in the tournament. The winning team will receive: 1st place team trophy and their team name and picture on our website for one year, and each individual team member will receive a plaque and one signed 8x10 photo of Ed Reed. For more information, go to

Attendees: Ed Reed


  My team, All Madden, will be playing in this tournament Saturday and there will be other players (starters) attending the event as well. They are raffling off Ed Reed and Ravens memorabilia for his charity as well! come out and show your support!!!