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Ravens Fans: Time To Move On

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Last week is over and there is nothing to be gained from regurgitating the Baltimore Ravens 12-7 loss o the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football. The Arizona Cardinals will be coming to Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium on a cool, yet partly sunny afternoon, where the Ravens have one of the league's best home records over the past decade.

The players have moved on to focus on the Cardinals and now the fans need to join them in putting that nightmare behind us. Every year pretty much every team loses one or two games they were expected to win and they also win one or two games they were expected to lose. Ravens fans biggest problem is that we know they are so good, we actually go into EVERY game expecting them to win and that is just not going to happen, unless perhaps you are the Green Bay Packers.

Along with the players and media, it's time to bury the thought of what happened earlier this week and bring up your level of support for the team as well as ALL the players and cheer them on to a victory this Sunday against the woeful Cardinals, who unlike the Jaguars, do not have a solid defense that could do to the Ravens what was done to them in that game we are trying to forget.

Look at what is being written about the need for everyone to "fuggeddaboutit:"

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