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Despite Offensive Woes, Ravens 8th In Scoring

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According to a stat released by the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens are the eighth highest scoring team in the league so far in 2011. Baltimore is one of nine NFL teams averaging at least 25 points per game, which puts the league on pace to tie the 2008 for the highest number of teams to average 25+ points per game in NFL history.

Averaging 25.8 points per game, mainly on the strength of their three 30+ point winning games vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers (35 points), St. Louis Rams (37) and New York Jets (34), the Ravens trail the top scoring team in the NFL (New Orleans Saints) at 34.1 points, but are ahead of the 9th highest scoring team (New York Giants) which is averaging 25.7 ppg.

Of these nine teams averaging at least 25 points per game in 2011, the Ravens have already played and beaten the Houston Texans (26.0/ppg) and still must play the San Francisco 49ers (27.8 ppg).

It is ironic that in a week where the offense is getting slammed by media and fans alike for their ineptitude in the 12-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football, this story shows the potential of the Ravens to explode and score on the often-used term, "on any given Sunday."