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Ravens On Outside In Playoff Race

The season is not even half over but people are already talking about the post season. The Baltimore Ravens have made the playoffs in all three of head coach John Harbaugh's tenure, as well as both QB Joe Flacco and RB Ray Rice's. Mos people will tell you they fully expect the Ravens to make it four years in a row by the time the post season rolls around. 

However, if the regular season ended today, the ravens would be among a few of the supposedly better teams that would be on the outside looking in, as six other AFC teams make it but not them. Joining the Ravens on their sofas would also be the New York Jets. The Ravens are now tied for second place in the AFC North with the Cincinnati Bengals, a half game behind the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A story in the Toronto Sun initiated this story and while it focuses more on the Jets than the Ravens, they came up with the line, "Suggs on Cameron like Ray on Rice," which is clever, if not hilarious. The story also adds that by the time the 16 games are played by each team, the Baltimore Ravens, as well as the Jets, should have righted their respective ships and be in the post season once again.