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SB Nation iPhone Update: Stats

SB Nation iPhone App (version 1.1)
SB Nation iPhone App (version 1.1)

Since launching in late August, here are the the SB Nation iPhone App statistics:

- 74,815 people have downloaded the app.
- 1,324,570 articles have been read.
- For the past couple of months, SB Nation has been averaging ~500 new downloads a day.
- Since September there have been an average of 23,000 active users a week.
- People seem to be more engaged with the SB Nation app compared to other sports apps.  The average user spends 100 seconds a session in our app, but the benchmark (according to the analytics tool we use) of other apps that are categorized as "Sports apps" is 50 seconds.

As you all know, Version1.1 addresses a lot of the feedback we got from our  communities including FanPosts, an in-app browser and most of all, updating the comments section.

Version 1.1 has been a big hit so far.  In addition to updating the comments, we added a ton of tracking to see how people were using the app and the comments section.  Since very late Friday, October 21st, 31,500 users have updated their app to v1.1.  Of those:

  51,837 - viewed an article
  12,741 - viewed comments
  10,886 - loaded all comments
    3,002 - tapped the "mark all read" button
        748 - added a new comment
        792 - replied to a comment
188,870 - tapped the "next unread comment" button

If you have an iPhone and haven't downloaded the free app, I recommend doing so and if you have, be sure you have updated to the new version 1.1. Great news for Android users is that it should be available for you shortly.