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John Harbaugh On Joe Flacco

(NOTE: The article referenced in this post was done prior to last night's game)

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was interviewed on Baltimore sports talk radio 105.7 The Fan recently about the team's offensive woes, as well as any criticism directed towards his quarterback, Joe Flacco. The exchange was posted over at Sports Radio Interviews and is noteworthy as written above that this took place long before the Baltimore Ravens went out and laid an egg against the Jacksonville Jaguars in their 12-7 loss on Monday Night Football.

Harbaugh defended his QB and rightly so. An NFL head coach is responsible for the success (or failure) of a team, his coaching staff as well as the players. He knows and sees how hard they all work together for the same goal and feels their pain, frustration and accepts blame when that goal is neither reached nor comes close.

At the same time, the stats can gloss over a performance from either side. If a player has a huge game but the team still loses, it is a success? Conversely, if the team wins and the player has a mediocre or even poor game, it that a success too? Football is the ultimate team game, so to say that a QB has "won" the most games in his 3+ years does not necessarily make him a great, much less good QB.

Or does it?