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Ravens Fall In NFL Power Rankings

Thanks to what everyone is calling one of the worst offensive performances in team history last night in the Baltimore Ravens 12-7 loss at the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football, the most recent SB Nation Power Rankings have them falling down to the #6 position. SB Nation had the Ravens ranked second last week, only behind the Green Bay Packers, but now they sit not only further behind the top-ranked and only undefeated Pack, but also behind their AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

Looking at the top six teams including Baltimore, it appears they are fairly ranked right where they are, as the top five teams either are undefeated or have one or two losses. I was surprised the New England Patriots did not move up from their previous and current #3 slot into the second spot. That honor went to the New Orleans Saints, although I would have put the 5-1 Patriots in front of the 5-2 Saints. Following the Packers, Saints and Patriots are the 5-1 San Francisco 49ers (#4) and the 5-2 Pittsburgh Steelers (#5).

With the Ravens now tied for 2nd place in the AFC North with the Cincinnati Bengals behind those Steelers, it still makes sense for the Ravens to be slotted behind them even though they destroyed them in the season's opening game. Wins in their next two games over the Arizona Cardinals next Sunday at home and on the road in Pittsburgh in two weeks will go a long way to moving back up closer to the top in what is essentially a worthless, yet debatable discussion.

NOTE: Pro Football Talk has the Ravens at #7, behind the New York Giants.