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Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Football 'Sleeper of the Week'

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Last week we spoke about one of the Baltimore Ravens rookie wide receivers stepping up to earn the team's 'Sleeper of the Week,' and Torrey  Smith went out and had a solid game, including a 51 yard catch. His performance wasn't anywhere near veteran Anquan Boldin's 132 yards and 56 yard reception, but this is no way to ever consider Boldin as a 'sleeper' in fantasy football.

With WR Lee Evans saying he is hopeful to return this season, one would continue to expect him not to be available this week so Smith and others will get a decent chance to prove their worth once again. Smith, of course, is now no longer a 'sleeper,' who which other Ravens player can get the reps to grab our attention.

Fellow former Maryland Terrapin WR LaQuan Williams got into last week's game for a decent amount of plays but due to QB Joe Flacco's success finding Boldin and Smith, did not get a look. With WR/KR David Reed due back and the recent addition of CB/KR Bryan McCann, LaQuan's reps could drop off other than kick coverage reps. Combined, this lessens his opportunities as well as his ability to be legitimately included as a possible fantasy football 'sleeper.'

The one guy that I think will get his chances and proved it last week is RB Ricky Williams. Obviously, the feature back in the Ravens offense is and will continue to be Ray Rice. However, Williams will definitely get carries as the game winds down with the Ravens in the lead and running the ball and the clock. This will save wear and tear on Rice's smaller body and give Williams the chance to rack up cheap yards and touchdowns. He did that last week against the Texans to keep the foot on the throat of the opponent which had been missing and figures to get more chances as the season continues.

With games against the Jacksonville Jaguars this week on Monday Night Football and next week hosting the Arizona Cardinals, there is a solid chance the Ravens could have big leads late in the games and utilize Williams in a mop-up role, as well as around the goal-line, thereby increasing his chances of being the Ravens fantasy football 'Sleeper of the Week.'