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Gambling On The NFL Can Pay Off

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Gambling has always been part of sports, despite the leagues fruitless attempts to keep it out of them. More than a few states, including Las Vegas and nearby Delaware, allow wagering on sports such as the NFL. Posting NFL point spreads on games are mainly for the purpose of gambling and away from the online sportsbooks and casinos, fantasy football is actually considered illegal gambling as well.

While betting on football has been around a long time, it is rare you hear a story like the one posted on The Score, a Dublin, Ireland-based online site. From across the pond, it details a gambler in Delaware that hit a 15-team parley bet last weekend known as an "accumulator." this type of bet requires you pick a number of teams to all win by the set point spread and if you do get all of the to cover, then you collect a disproportionate amount of big money for such a difficult bet to win.

This Delaware gambler waited for the Philadelphia Eagles to finish off the Washington Redskins on Sunday and then the Baltimore Ravens to put away the Houston Texans later in the day in order to complete his 15-team parlay. For the risk of his $5 wager, he is now $100,000 richer, as the odds for perfectly predicting the correct winners on 15 games based on the oddsmaker's point-spreads is 20,000:1.

Who says gambling doesn't pay?