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Ravens Fans Need To Clean Up Their Act

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Fans of the Baltimore Ravens have been known as being among the best in the NFL, well-behaved for the most part and relatively fair to opposing team's fans. Unfortunately, some of them need to clean up their acts - before the game even starts. A recent story on, details the embarrassing mess that tailgaters leave in neighborhoods surrounding Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium.

The area around Sharp-Leadenhall Elementary School actually has a sign stating, "No Tailgating On Sidewalk Or Grass," yet fans either ignore it or tear the sign down and then leave everything from empty beer bottles to game-day trash, which attracts mice and rats to pick through after they leave, infuriating local residents.

Stadium-owned or leased lots are policed and maintained by the Stadium Authority, according to the story, but the areas mentioned here are supposedly maintained by the City of Baltimore, which may or may not get to the trash for a while after the game ends, a stark contrast to the immediate clean-up attention that the stadium lots get.

If you tailgate or know of anyone who does, be sure to show them this article or the one linked to in this story and ask them to be considerate to our friends and neighbors and clean up your act. After all, we're all Ravens fans!