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Ravens On Cutting Edge Of Technology

The Baltimore Ravens have always had the reputation for a solid Front Office, led by General Manager Ozzie Newsome, affectionately known as the Wizard of Oz." The team's abilities to find the right player late in the draft, or the perfect veteran to fit into their mix to keep them competitive year-after-year has them at the forefront of the league in terms of their ability to adapt.

Technology is obviously changing on a regular basis and it appears the Ravens continue to adapt with the increasing options available to them and their players. According to a story in the online addition of the New York Times, the Ravens are one of only two NFL teams (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) to employ the use of iPad tablets in place of the old, thick, three-ring binder notebooks.

The iPads are obviously less cumbersome than the old paper-filled binders and most importantly, contain up to two level of security to protect them from being stolen and used by another team. The team can also send messages regarding practices and changes directly to the iPad so the players can be immediately notified.

Currently, iPads and computer technology is not allowed on NFL sidelines on game days. However, the traditions that have been part of the NFL since the early days of the league remain, but these barriers need to change and should be on the cutting edge along with the technology off the field as well.