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Fantasy Football 2011: Week 7 Waiver Wire Scoops

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With so many injuries and last minute trades over the past week, SB Nation's fantasy football blog, Fake Teams, has all the Week 7 Waiver Wire Scoops you need to know to stay on top of your fantasy league. Unfortunately, even with these great tips, I still seem to find a way to lose my games on Monday night after taking seemingly insurmountable leads on the Sunday games.

This week they look at the players whose stock has risen from obscure to significant contribution expected, be it through an injury to the guy ahead of them on the depth chart or a trade to put them in a starting role when they might have been either on the bench or sitting at home on their sofa watching the season unfold while being "artificially" retired.

So check their waiver wire scoops out and keep checking back on all of their breakdowns they post on every position, including their Week 7 RB Rankings.