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Ravens vs. Jets: Gametime 'Open Thread'

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While I might be sitting in my seats on the Club Level at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium cheering on the Baltimore Ravens as they host the New York Jets on Sunday Night football, you can stick here with Baltimore Beatdown and post your thoughts and comments live as the game progresses towards a Ravens victory. Don't feel bad for me since I cannot join you during the game to exchange our cheers and jeers, but I will represent the masses that will remain behind to add their intelligent banter to this 'Open Thread' throughout the game.

Once the game is over, I will return and post a game recap detailing how well the Ravens played in front of a national television audience, proving that their week one and three beatdowns were more indicative of the team's performance than the week two dud.

In the meantime, join your fellow Baltimore Beatdown loyalists and dissect the game as it happens as the Ravens show Jets coach Rex Ryan that you can bring in as many Ravens players as you want, but without Ray Lewis, you ain't got squat!