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NFL Early Games 'Open Thread'

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Since the Baltimore Ravens are hosting the New York Jets on Sunday Night Football, we're putting up an 'Open Thread' for the early games of the day. Post your thoughts and comments as we root for the Ravens division opponents and playoff competition to lose before Baltimore shows off on prime time TV why it belongs in the discussion among the best teams in the league.

The most interesting 1pm game is the Pittsburgh Steelers playing at the Houston Texans (Go Texans!), while the best 4pm game is the New England Patriots at the Oakland Raiders (Go Raiders!). Local Baltimore stations have the Steelers game and the Washington Redskins at the St. Louis Rams at 1pm and the Denver Broncos at the Green Bay Packers at 4pm.

Enjoy all the games as a prelude to the Ravens game, which will have its own 'Open Thread' going up at 8pm.