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Ravens: Game Ball of the Week

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For a while in the Baltimore Ravens game against the Houston Texans, it seemed like it was going to be difficult to find the one player whose effort stood out above the others. After a game opening touchdown drive, the Ravens went into an offensive shell through halftime and their defense could not seem to stop the Texans on third and long.

However, as the game wore on and the Ravens slowly built a lead, only to lose it and then begin to pull away until the outcome was no longer in doubt, the one player whose star shined more than anyone else became as clear as the day was bright yesterday afternoon.

Placekicker Billy Cundiff kick a team-record five field goals to lead the Ravens with 17 points, including his extra-points after their two scores. Despite a swirling wind all day long, Cundiff was perfect from 43, 48, 25, 33 and 40 yards. Cundiff put seven of his kickoffs into and out of the back of the end zone as the Texans had no chance to rip off a long return all afternoon.

For the 2011 season Billy is 14 of 16 on field goals, with the only misses being his two 51-yard attempts in the Ravens 37-7 beatdown of the St. Louis Rams in week 3. See more on Cundiff's record-setting day at

Congratulations to placekicker Billy Cundiff, whose effort not only earns him the Samsung 'Game Ball of the Week,' but also gives the Baltimore Ravens a huge advantage over most of the teams they play, on the strength of his mighty right leg.