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Excerpts From John Harbaugh's Monday Press Conference

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh meets with the media every Monday afternoon and took questions yesterday afternoon on a variety of topics from the play of the team in the 29-14 victory over the Houston Texans to his brother Jim's altercation after the game when his San Francisco 49ers defeated the Detroit Lions.

Here are a few of the key excerpts from the presser and head on over to to see the entire transcript:

Opening statement: "OK, just want to welcome everybody. Thanks for coming. We were all together at Patricia Modell’s funeral mass and luncheon afterwards. It was just a beautiful, beautiful ceremony down at the Basilica. David and John [Modell] did an incredible job with their eulogies, and it just kind of makes you remember how important family is.

Physically, it seemed like Joe Flacco took some shots, Ray Rice took a couple shots. From the press box it looked like a very physical game from both sides. Are the guys OK? (Ken Murray) "Well, as far as the [physicality] of the game, you’re right, it was really physical. They play physical from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. The thing that was a little disappointing was our pass protection. You’re alluding to Joe’s hit, and I think Joe made some great throws, especially in that first drive, and he got hit every single time. And that’s not good. I think it’s a testament to Joe and his toughness and all that. We’ve seen it, but we don’t want Joe getting hit like that. 

(See more questions and responses from Coach Harbaugh after the 'Jump')

You talked a lot about Billy Cundiff last year when he was going through his Pro Bowl season. It seems like he’s been playing as good or better. Your thoughts on how he played against Houston? (Aaron Wilson) "Yeah, I think this game was big. There was a lot of wind blowing towards our bench, so sometimes that can knock some kicks down, but Billy just banged it right through there. And then to make all five field goals, obviously, they weren’t longer field goals, but they were in a tough crosswind, and we needed every one of those."

Do you think that it’s [the red zone struggle] a result of coming off a bye and not being loose? (Barry Barnes) "Nah, I think it’s a combination of a really good red-zone defense, and we’re not good enough down there yet. We haven’t really been that spectacular down there all year. It’s an area that we have to get better at. We’ll just keep working it, keeping coming up with schemes. Really, it comes down to executing the things we do a little bit better down there."

Ray Lewis made history yesterday becoming the only player to have 40 sacks and 30 interceptions. Did you have a conversation with him and how does it feel to have him on the team? (Barry Barnes) "It feels good having Ray Lewis on the team, I can tell you that. It feels great having him on the team for all the reasons that we all know about. I think he is the greatest linebacker who has ever played the game – I have said it many times. I think he proves it. You look at his [16th] year, he is playing as well as he had ever played, or at least that I have seen in the four years that I have been here. I am not sure that he has ever played any better than this."

Have you had a chance to talk to Jim [Harbaugh] at all today about his little episode? (Ken Murray) "I have. (Reporter: "Can you relay anything to us?") Detail-wise? No. I can’t. I’ll stay out of that. I can just tell you this: I think I know who was right, but whoever was right or wrong, I know whose side I’m on. (laughter) I’m definitely taking sides – same side I’m always taking."