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NFL Week 6 Early Games: 'Open Thread'

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While we anxiously await the start of the Baltimore Ravens 4pm game hosting the Houston Texans, stay here with other fans of the Ravens and Baltimore Beatdown and comment on the early games in week 6 of the NFL regular season. There are a bunch of decent match-ups in the 1pm games, although the rest of the AFC North is not expected to be part of those "decent" game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers host the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals host the Indianapolis Colts in games that both AFC North teams should easily win. The Cleveland Browns play on the left coast at the Oakland Raiders and while they are not expected to win on the road, that game starts the same time as the Ravens at 4pm.

Some of the better match-ups in the early games include the Buffalo Bills at the New York Giants, the San Francisco 49ers at the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles at the Washington Redskins.