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Ravens vs. Texans: Gametime 'Open Thread'

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The Baltimore Ravens are 3-0 after a Bye week in head coach John Harbaugh's tenure with the team. That means both QB Joe Flacco and Ray Rice are also 3-0 after a week break, as both were part of the 2008 NFL draft class. The plan is for all of them to be able to say they re 4-0 coming off a Bye and expect to play a major part in making this come true this afternoon.

So stick with Baltimore Beatdown as the Ravens play a rare late afternoon home game to accommodate the TV people who want to see a couple of solid teams go at each other for first place in their own divisions. Post your thoughts, comments and opinions in this 'Open Thread' and I will put up a game recap after I return from cheering on the home team from my seats at M&T Bank Stadium.