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Why Was Derrick Mason Traded From Jets To Texans?

When the Baltimore Ravens face the Houston Texans at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium Sunday afternoon, they will be seeing the familiar face of former Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason. Mason not only played for the New York Jets when the Ravens last played two weeks ago, but now he is a member of the Houston Texans, having been traded for a late-round draft pick.

Why was Mason traded so shortly into the 2011 season? Was it his relative lack of production? Mason started two of the Jets five games, catching 13 passes for 115 yards and no scores. His long gain of 30 yards came against the Ravens in the Jets week four 34-17 loss here in Baltimore.

Perhaps it was Mason's criticism on the Jets offense, as he has always been an outspoken person, unafraid to speak his mind and the Jets knew who they were getting when they signed him to a free agent contract after the Ravens released him this off season in what appeared to be a cost-cutting move.

According to a recent story in the National Football Post, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum blamed it on his lack of production, not anything that his mouth produced, quoted as saying,

"Obviously the performance on the field wasn't where he had expected to be or where we had expected to be."

Of course, there are others, including perhaps even some teammates, who not only believe that Mason's criticism of the team's offense is true, but also might agree that his public criticism is why he was traded. Either way, the Ravens and their fans get to greet, perhaps boo, but more than everything, get to send Derrick home a loser to the Ravens two games in a row. Perhaps the Texans will trade him to the Arizona Cardinals so we can do it a third time!