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Ed Reed Speaks Out On Defensive Rule Changes

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On a recent episode of the NFL Network's The Rich Eisen Podcast, Baltimore Ravens All-Pro safety Ed Reed was a bit outspoken on some of the recent rule changes that were designed to protect defenseless offensive players and lessen injuries from frightening hits. Reed recalls the 'old days,' when players like former Chicago Bears linebacker and Ravens assistant coach, Mike Singletary, could really lay the wood to players who dared to enter his territory over the middle of the field.

A story on details Reed's reservations that the new rules are reasonable enough to expect players to make a conscious effort to be less aggressive. In the story, he said:

"How are you going to hinder us from tackling" he said. "I understand keep your head up, don't hit first with your helmet, I'm totally against that. But hitting a guy as soon as he gets the ball? Come on, this is football. That's how we were raised to play it."

Reed notes that these changes are part of the reason that passing yards are higher now that they have been since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, and these changes are being forced upon the players in the name of the almighty dollar.

"The game has changed from a corporate standpoint"