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Ravens Injured Return To Practice

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It might only be Thursday, but there were a bunch of players on the Baltimore Ravens who returned to practice after missing multiple games with injuries. There is no guarantee that these players will be ready to go when the Ravens host the Houston Texans this Sunday, but to hear they are back on the field practicing has to be an encouraging sign.

Although they were listed under the category, "Limited Participation," most of these players had not practiced with the team and the combination of their time off missing some of the team's games along with the restful Bye week gives fans hope that their return is expected as soon as Sunday, and if not, shortly thereafter.

Wednesday's list included guard Ben Grubbs (toe), LB Dannell Ellerbe (thigh), RB Anthony Allen (thigh), WR Lee Evans (foot), Haruki Nakamura (knee), David Reed (shoulder) and Tom Zbikowski (head). Unfortunately, not practicing at all continued to be CB Chris Carr (thigh) and rookie CB Jimmy Smith (ankle).

While it is good to see so many previously injured players returning to practice, the one name that most fans are looking forward to seeing get back on the field did not, as Jimmy Smith still does not appear ready to resume his NFL career, which has been put on hold since his first play in his first game.