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The Ravens (Very) Secret Weapon

The title of this story is taken from ESPN The Magazine sports writer Rick Reilly's article from January 2010 about the heartwarming relationship between Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and a 14 year-old kid with an inoperable brain tumor. Matthew Costello, son of local ABC News (Channel 2 in Baltimore) anchor Jamie Costello, had given Cameron plays to run on the first play of the game three times and all three times, they play gained positive yardage.

The article shows a compassionate Cameron driving through a major snowstorm to visit the young man, and the friendship the two have developed. So many Ravens fans have questioned Cameron's playcalling, but they cannot knock this kid's success. Rick Reilly has a wonderful writing style and a knack for bringing out the true emotion of the story. 

The most well-known of all the plays recommended by Matthew to Cameron was the first play from scrimmage by the Ravens when they stunned the New England Patriots in Foxboro, Massachusetts with an 83-yard TD scamper by Ray Rice in the Ravens 33-14 victory in the 2010 playoffs. Perhaps this young man's inspiring story has been the difference in Cameron's more aggressive playcalling so far in 2011.