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2012 Three Round Mock Draft: Already?

The 2011 NFL season is barely one-quarter completed and there are already 2012 Mock Drafts being done for next year. One of them is a three-round draft completed and posted over at SB Nation's NFL blog on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Behind The Steel Curtain. Yeah, I know it's a hated Steelers site, but other than our own fans, who probably knows the Baltimore Ravens better than our hated division rivals.

Not only is this a 2012 Mock Draft, it goes deep into the research to complete three full rounds of picks for each team. Of course, in order to determine the draft order, they have to predict the final records to come up with the position each team will pick in the Mock. At least the obvious Steeler fan who spent a ton of tie researching every team's needs seemed fair in his placement of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, having the Steelers picking in the 24th slot, while they have the Ravens selecting 29th overall.

That means Baltimore made it to the AFC Championship Game, where, according to the draft order, they must have lost to the New England Patriots, who in turn, obviously lost to the now two-time Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Click on the link above to see what position and who they have the Ravens going for in all three rounds of this interesting draft, already being hailed as the "Andrew Luck Sweepstakes" or the "Suck For Luck" contest.